Records Are Likely To Be Made This Sunday

You love your stats on the different achievements of the game? Consider what benchmarks could be hit in this game, SB No. 51.

How many interceptions will be made? When it comes to bets on the passing game, look at Tom Brady carefully. Just considering Super Bowls, he’s made more pass attempts (48) that were NOT intercepted than any other quarterback. Historically, John Elway had the worst luck as far at interceptions thrown, at 8.

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How many yards will each QB throw for? Examining each quarterback’s throwing game is a complex task. But seeing that this championship pits a longtime QB against one with everything to prove, you’ll probably see numbers for attempted yards go high.

What penalties will be called? This question divides into several sections.
Which team will be flagged for the most penalties — and which will get the most yards as punishment? First there’s the team’s penalties, then there’s the entire game as a whole. Taken team by team, the greatest number of penalties earned by one side was 12. This happened 3 times: Carolina in Super Bowl 50, Carolina in Super Bowl XXXVIII, and Dallas in Super Bowl XII. The fewest penalties ever earned by a team is zero, and this occurred multiple times too.’s Alex Kay predicts that due to public optics and the NFL’s need to host a “clean” game, the effect will make for a low-penalty game.

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When it comes to completed passes, Tom Brady holds that record for Super Bowl games — largely because the Patriots have competed in so many Super Bowl games. But he also holds the top spot for completed passes in a single SB game, hitting this record just 2 years ago when the Patriots battled with the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49.

The kickers for the Patriots and Falcons, Stephen Gostkowski and Matt Bryant, are popular prop bet subjects too. As far as longest field goal, attempts and conversions, Matt Bryant may be the better choice since his team has gone for more long field goals altogether.

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