Odds To Win NFC South Division: Falcons Favored, But Not By Much

NFC South Division Odds

Here’s a breakdown of the NFC South division and the odds for four teams of coming out on top in the division during the 2013 NFL season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +600

After a few years of promise, the Bucs appear to be a team that may be going nowhere in a division that improves every single season. Although talented and promising, Tampa Bay appears to be headed toward another disappointing season.

The Bucs may very well be the dark horse within the NFC South, but it’s doubtful they’ll contend for the division title.

Carolina Panthers: +600

Cam Newton’s rookie season with the Panthers was incredible to say the least. Newton instantly became a superstar in the NFL with the ability to run and pass with remarkable efficiency, but the team failed to make an impact in his sophomore year and as a result missing the playoffs altogether.

With Newton under center, the Panthers will always be a threat in the NFC South, but will fall short yet against.

New Orleans Saints: +160

Drew Brees and company are as dangerous a team in the NFL. The potent offense of the Saints is second to none when firing on all cylinders and this season they may very well have a formidable defense to help hold leads.

Brees will have his head coach Sean Payton back on the sidelines calling the shots in 2013 as well as a motivated team to make up for last season. Although a serious threat, New Orleans also falls short.

Atlanta Falcons: +110

The Falcons came one game shy of the Super Bowl in 2012. Matt Ryan and company were firing on cylinders all season long while receiving the buzz as a team on the rise and a legitimate contender, but Atlanta simply couldn’t get passed quarterback sensation Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers and went home empty handed.

All that will change in 2013 with team motivated and much improved. Atlanta will be tough to beat and will win the NFC South as a result.

Prediction: Atlanta Falcons

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