Heat’s LeBron James Wins Fourth NBA MVP Award

Coming into the 2012-13 NBA season, superstar forward LeBron James had finally achieved his ultimate goal of winning his first NBA title with the Miami Heat. Although LeBron was labeled the villan of the league with arguably the most-hated team in the Heat, the superstar was still able to defy the odds and emerge victorious while winning the second title in franchise history.

Along with winning his first title in South Beach, LeBron was also named NBA MVP for the third time in this career. LeBron’s dominance was undeniable and clearly the reason for the Heat’s newfound success.

In 2013, LeBron was named the league’s best player once again earning MVP honors for the fourth time of his career. Despite the fact that LeBron was the consensus MVP around the league and in Las Vegas odds, the veteran forward was not named the MVP with a unanimous vote coming only one shy of that distinction.

Apparently, one vote was given to Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. Although Anthony is deserving of MVP consideration, no player came close to James’ dominance over the course of the regular season.

Other players that were also considered outside of LeBron and Melo were Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder), Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers) and Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers). All five of these players had incredible seasons for different reasons, but LeBron outshined them all with perhaps the best season of his career and one of the best individual seasons of all-time.

With LeBron now winning his fourth MVP award, the superstar will be looking to achieve the next goal on the list of winning a second consecutive NBA title with the Heat. Miami is already off to a good start cruising passed the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round by pulling off the sweep in order to setup the second round series with the Chicago Bulls.

The Heat are already favored to make easy work of the Bulls in Las Vegas odds and may be on their way to a second consecutive sweep with Chicago dealing with all sorts of injuries.

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