Head Coach Vinny Del Negro Won’t Return To Los Angeles Clippers

Following the best season in franchise history, the Los Angeles Clippers headed into the NBA playoffs with high hopes of eclipsing last season’s accomplishment of reaching the second round of the postseason. Although it seemed the Clippers were poised to make a run in the postseason with arguably the deepest bench in the league and Chris Paul playing at an MVP-caliber level once again, Los Angeles failed to improve upon last year’s performance and went home empty handed after a disappointing first-round loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

With the Grizzlies putting on a defensive clinic on the up-and-coming Clippers, changes were bound to happen heading into the NBA off-season with something needing to change to right the ship next season. One of those changes was expected to be at the head coaching position.

Despite the success of the last couple of seasons, Vinny Del Negro has been in hot water in Los Angeles due to the fact that he hasn’t exactly been popular with his players. One player in particular has not been crazy about Del Negro calling the shots with Paul wanting another person calling the shots on the sidelines.

Shortly after a meeting with owner Donald Sterling, Del Negro was told he won’t be returning to the Clippers. Although many believed Del Negro was fired, he simply wasn’t offered another contract.

The real question moving forward is where does this team on the rise go from here. The Las Vegas odds will more than likely favor the Clippers to win the Pacific Division title once again next season, but a lot of the team’s future depending on the re-signing of Paul and who will be leading the way on the sidelines from here on out.

Speculation has already started to run wild in terms of who will be next to lead this team in a coaching capacity, but no clear favorite has been emerged.

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